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Secure connectivity for defense & intelligence

When lives, critical national infrastructure, and sensitive assets are at stake, data delays cannot be tolerated. Unless data is near real-time, equipping defense and security forces with detailed intelligence has limited value. In fast-changing mission-critical situations, precision data is essential to mitigate risk. That’s why we measure latency in milliseconds, not minutes. And it’s why we’re trusted to provide resilient connectivity to support the most demanding missions.

Our Always in Sight spacecraft means data is downlinked immediately

For users who need data within 6 minutes of collection, 10 minutes is too long

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery, for example, generates very large image files. When systems are designed with only one or two ground stations, delays of 45 to 90 minutes before data can be downlinked and processed are commonplace.

A unique position and perspective from MEO

Our dedicated network eliminates the wait to downlink images captured before processing raw data.

Secure connectivity

Data is downlinked immediately at one of our gateways, or delivered directly to wherever it is needed. This ensures we can land your traffic anywhere you wish at one of our secure ground stations or to your terminals anywhere on Earth, automatically, securely and with certainty.