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Optimize access to satellite data

The space economy is rapidly expanding. Innovators are changing how we think about our planet, using Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite sensors to capture data and deliver new insights to inform decisions about everything from our environment, natural resources and the weather to geopolitics, commerce and agriculture.

SpaceLink's Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites deliver real-time data in record time

Supporting the developing space commerce ecosystem

What’s more, the 4th industrial revolution is driving massive expansion of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deployment of billions of IoT devices. Added to this comes the rise of robotic missions to deliver on-orbit spacecraft services such as debris-reduction, orbit modification, assembly, repair, rendezvous, docking, life extension, and refueling.

Entrepreneurs are developing a space commerce ecosystem

With falling launch costs, manufacturing and research in low-gravity environments are becoming feasible, as will new space-based services like 3D printing, in-situ servicing and recycling satellite parts. To support this, the entire in-orbit supply chain needs fast data transfer for navigation, control, and tracking.

Clear focus on your mission

SpaceLink enables you to focus on your missions without the costly, time-consuming effort of building a dedicated global ground network for data downlink. With a SpaceLink relay satellite always available for fast data transfer of even the highest resolution satellite data, LEO satellites will no longer have to wait for a once-a-day view of an Earth station to process data.

As technologies continue to evolve, with higher resolution, hyperspectral imaging and ever-larger files, we’re future-proofed to provide the continued scaling and “fat pipes” to meet demand.