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Continuous communications for human spaceflight

Visitors to space describe the impact of seeing Earth from orbit as truly life‑changing. With hundreds of bookings for upcoming flights, it’s an awe-inspiring experience that will become increasingly accessible as more people seek to venture above and beyond, redefining the nature of adventure travel.

We provide the essential connection from space to Earth and back with any time, always-on connections

Accelerating demand for human space travel

Whether it’s an orbital journey, sub-orbital trip or long-term residency at a space station, demand for human space travel is set to escalate. Commercial space stations will play a pivotal role in advancing science, medicine, exploration and diplomacy. The International Space Station (ISS) is the most expensive man-made object ever constructed, and will soon be joined by other outposts in space, with growing numbers of tourists, researchers, and support staff.

Essential connection from space to Earth

While the Apollo missions were flown with less computing power than is available in today’s average cellphone, meeting future demand requires a seismic shift in communications capacity. Safeguarding space travel at scale and supporting a multitude of space-based activities will drive demand for far more robust communication channels and high-capacity bandwidth.

Purpose-built to meet all these diverse mission parameters with agile, redundant, and pervasive broadband connectivity, we will provide the essential connection from space to Earth and back with any time, always-on connections.

Continuous communications with the ground will be essential for both operators and tourists

With a SpaceLink relay satellite always visible to any spacecraft, habitat or depot in LEO, we’ll be able to ensure fast data transfer, whether it’s sending a video-message home, sharing urgent medical information, or downlinking the latest scientific data.