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Secure, continuous space connectivity


Maximize the value of your on-orbit assets with the high-capacity data relay that’s transforming space communications.

See how we can power your missions

Like a secure WiFi network in space, SpaceLink combines robust, ubiquitous connectivity for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) spacecraft with a customer-focused approach and outstanding service quality.

Satellite Data
Human Spaceflight
Defense & Intelligence
Civil Space

Mission success—ALWAYS IN SIGHT

With a SpaceLink relay satellite always visible of any spacecraft in LEO, and a secure ground station always visible to the relay satellites, our turnkey solution ensures direct data delivery to any point on the globe in milliseconds. You can relay real-time data from spacecraft to the ground, where it can be rapidly delivered to end-users by Internet, private cloud, or other secure links.

Fast, high-value data transfer

The faster you can downlink data and images, the more valuable they are to your customers, providing real-time insights to inform better, more accurate decisions. SpaceLink is building a core communications infrastructure to support the rapidly expanding space economy. Enabling secure, continuous monitoring and control, our services are used for everything from global security and environmental research to space travel and microgravity manufacturing.

Abundant capacity

Eliminating line-of-sight issues, bandwidth bottlenecks, complex spectrum challenges, and regulatory hurdles, our service uniquely meets pent-up demand for affordable, fast data transfer in near-Earth space, without limits. Spectrum is a finite resource, difficult and expensive to obtain, and continuously contested. Every ground station requires landing rights, every operational satellite requires licensing. We work with regulators to maximize spectrum utilization, so you don’t have to.

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