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SpaceLink Supports the Small Satellite Conference

We are proud sponsors of the always popular ice cream social with ice cream from Utah State University's own Aggie Creamery, which has been teaching students about making quality dairy products since 1888. You can also learn about "The Need for Speed" in accessing remote sensing data at our side session, and poster session.

SpaceLink supports the Small Satellite Conference in Utah. If you go you can learn about SpaceLink in the following ways:

  • Hear about the “Need for Speed” for access to remote sensing data at a panel session with government and industry experts on Tuesday morning, August 9 at 9:45 a.m. in ESLC room 53.
  • See our poster on “Real-time Relay of SmallSat Remote Sensing Data to Tactical Military Operators,” on Wednesday afternoon at the Field House.
  • Look for our handout in your conference bag.
  • Eat some ice cream on us! SpaceLink supports the Small Satellite Conference by sponsoring the always popular ice cream social on Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

SpaceLink has a focus on getting remote sensing data to the tactical edge at the speed of relevance. This is essential to support disaster relief and tactical military operations. The “Need for Speed” panel session features U.S. Government and industry experts who will discuss access to critical data in minutes to seconds, rather than hours, and the new technologies and services, like the SpaceLink relay network, that accelerate timelines.

Topics of discussion include:

  • 100 percent line-of-sight access to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, eliminating delays between the collection of commercial remote sensing data and the delivery of the data to the end user
  • Real-time tasking and direct downlink of mission critical data
  • On-board processing to support real-time, same orbit tip-and-cue between multiple and diverse remote sensing satellites (e.g., RF to SAR to EO visible)
  • The ability to augment proliferated LEO communications satellites providing a resilient ‘fail-over’ capability for government communications paths during periods of either pre-planned, or adversary-caused loss of communications.

The Aggie Creamery has been teaching students about making quality dairy products on the campus of Utah State University since 1888. A trip to the Small Satellite Conference is not complete without a scoop of Famous Aggie Ice Cream. The premium ice cream is created from cow to cone beginning with milk and cream produced at USU’s Caine Dairy and blended to perfection at the dairy products lab on the Utah State campus.