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SpaceLink’s Tony Colucci speaks at DSI Space Resiliency Summit

MEO Optical and RF Relay capabilities within the Hybrid Architecture will get information to the “tactical edge” of combat at the speed of relevance.

Tony Colucci, Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer at SpaceLink addressed the Defense Strategies Institute’s Space Resiliency Summit on Dec. 1, 2021.

His topic: When Seconds Matter

Commercial MEO Optical and RF Relay capabilities will help enable the Hybrid Architecture with the goal of delivering critical remote sensing data in real time.

U.S. adversaries are deploying nuclear capable hypersonic missiles, which can travel at extreme speeds and avoid U.S. missile detection. They have developed advanced anti-satellite technologies with the intent to remove U.S. space superiority in the event of a Great Powers conflict.

While the U.S. is accelerating the deployment of hypersonic weapons, commercial remote sensing does not currently meet the tactical timelines for Long Range Precision Fires. SpaceLink plans to change that with its commercial MEO optical or RF relay system with direct downlinks to U.S. tactical terminals. It will enable real-time tip and cue between commercial remote sensing sensors and real-time data delivery to the end user in less than one second.

SpaceLink commercial relay service launches in 2024.